Welcome to the new MintyRoot.me

Due to Tumblr’s new policy, I have decided to discontinue the publication on my Tumblr and to shift the URL to this new site.

To comply with Apple’s regulations and new American regulations, Tumblr has decided to wipe out NSFW art from their platform, deplatforming many fan artists who relied on the platform to earn a living, but also indirectly censoring LGBT art and discussions due to their mediocre filtering approach.

Tumblr has proven to be grossly incompetent in their management, lacking innovation and doing a lackluster job at dealing with abusive content. Seeing them get rid of NSFW content that is otherwise perfectly fine but staying completely passive with bullying is a clear sign of their skewed priorities.

The blog will stay open for archival purposes, but shouldn’t get anymore updates.

The URL will now be used for this site, and the Tumblr will go back to mintyroot.tumblr.com